The Roots of Holocaust

ავტორი: სოფო  ინასარიძე,  საერთაშორისო  ურთიერთობების  ბაკალავრი,  თბილისის სახელმწიფო  უნივერსიტეტი.

ენა: ინგლისური

The Roots of Holocaust

Nothing happens without a cause and without a reason. Any disaster like the Holocaust, that is a black page not only for the Germany but for the whole world, should be calculated, but the most important thing is not to let such a disaster repeat again. The way to struggle with a problem is to struggle with its roots not only complaining what has happened and why it has happened. That is why I have been interested in the roots of the Holocaust – where and who the ideas about the Jewish removal stemmed from, specially at the period when the situation was calm, the Jews had acquired equal rights and social status as the Germans had and nobody thought that something like the Holocaust would ever happen. I agree with the opinion of some historians that Hitler’s writings and speeches illustrate no basis but they provided only core beliefs. I am going to argue in my essay that there are many causes that make us think that the root of the Holocaust might be found into some anti-Semitic ideas provided by influential people of the German society and in Hitler’s nature as well which seems to have been affected by some philosophic works.

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Holocaust Memorian Miami, FLorida

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  1. sofo ამბობს:

    andres! :* exla vnaxe es ese rom dagidia 🙂 da didi madloba genacvale 🙂 tumca dasawyisi da dasasruli sastikad ar momwons 😛 mainc kargia aq rom ganisvenebs 🙂 am temaze mushaobis gagrdzeleba dzalian minda da aba vnaxot ra gamova. jer dro mebrdzvis 😀 da kide es foto dzalian kargia :*

  2. sofo ამბობს:

    am fotos shesaxeb araferi ar vici :S

  3. kid ამბობს:


    ეს სურათი ფლორიდას შტატში, მაიამიში არის აღმართული ჰოლოკოსტის მსხვერპლთა საპატივცემულოდ

  4. sofo ამბობს:

    ahaa 🙂 didi madloba chemi cnobismoyvareobis ase advilad dakmayofilebisatvis :*

  5. sofo ამბობს:

    ui madloba kidsac da andriasac :*:*

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