EU Enlargement to the East

Author: Levan Makhashvili, Tbilisi State University

Date: April, 2009

EU Enlargement to the East  –  According to Liberal Intergovernmentalism Theory

My question in the theme will be whether the European integration increases the economy of EU or not, whether it makes economy economically more active and I will try to answer the question positively and show you that after eastern enlargement economic indexes of EU, as a result, are increasing. I am not discussing the results of enlargement in terms of EU security. In general, I will discuss liberal intergovermentalism (rationalism) widely and, in particular cases, I will compare it to other theories. In the theme I will spread the assumptions of this theory which argues that the interest of EU towards the east has mainly economic character, while, say, according to constructivism, European integration serves to implement liberal values and norms in eastern neighbors.

Main source will be, of course, the works of Andrew Moravcsik. Besides, I will get information from the official web-site of EU and articles of various researchers and scholars, which are published in scientific-academic magazines.

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